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Do You Struggle with:

Do you feel overwhelmed or stuck trying to lose weight? Tried every program out there with little or no results? Weight yo-yo-ing up and down, but never a permanent change, or just just keeps climbing year after year?
Feeling negative, easily discouraged, and beating yourself up? Do you hide from your weight or create anxiety around it? Are you struggling with poor confidence, low self-esteem, and self sabotaging behaviors that are leading you to not want to get out of bed in the morning, hide under baggy clothes or miss out on life experiences?
Are you tired of temporary diet fads that heavily restrict your favorite foods and fail to leave a lasting impact? Have you tried the Keto Diet, the All Liquid Diet, the No Carb Diet, the 500 Calorie Diet, the HCG Diet, and the “Insert Another Diet Here”, and still have no idea what works or what you should do? Do you just want to eat your favorite foods and not have to worry about how it will affect your results?
Always falling off the wagon? Tired of the starting-stopping-trying-failing cycle with every program/diet you attempt because it’s just impossible to follow? Are you lacking time and energy for activity due to the countless hours of work, the taking care of kids and family, and all the responsibilities life throws at us?
We offer the most comprehensive fitness transformation program in Central Texas. Whether you are looking for a complete body transformation, to get your health back on track, reduce your overall body fat quickly, or adopt a completely new life-style, Gym Force will help you achieve any and every goal you have. Together with our highly targeted and strategic transformation coaching services, we have changed the the lives of hundreds (and counting) within the Central Texas Community. Our programming is designed for success and leaves nothing to chance. We are experts in total body transformation training.
  • Customized Fitness Program
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • 1-on-1 Accountability Coaching


Benefits & Outcomes

Their words, not ours...

"absolutely love that I was able to get my fitness goals personalized by the coaching there. results that have been fast and results that are going to stick! the one on one coaching is the biggest thing that's been missing in the past from my fitness and having it now has made the world of difference."

- Griffin Jerke

"You are never going to find anyone who genuinely cares more about you, your well being, and achieving your goals than Erica or Jared Johnson! They are thorough l, informative and will get and keep you on track!"

- LeAnn Dinh

"I would highly recommend Jared & Erica! They have been such a great support through my lifestyle change journey. I accomplished things I never knew I could! They are very caring and supportive. Not only do they want you to succeed but they set you up for long term success. I’ve learned so much in such a short period of time than I have in all my years of dieting. My health and my life have changed because of this program and I owe it all to Jared and Erica! I can’t thank them enough!"

- Patricia Marshall

"I highly recommend this program! Erica and Jared were so communicative and encouraging throughout the six weeks and beyond. When I didn't think I could do it, they gave me the motivation and positivity I was missing. I've tried several different programs alone and working with Gym Force made me realize how important it is to have accountability and people working alongside you, pushing you forward. Thanks again, Erica and Jared - you guys are rockstars!"

- Kelli VanderPal

"I started this journey with Erica and her husband Jared, the support they provided from the get go was truly the push I needed. They taught me balance, and the importance of a healthy balance diet. They made the process so easy for me, that even tho I’m done with the program, i am still going, and putting everything they have taught me to action. Thank you so much for everything! Please, if you’re thinking of joining, please do! Trust me you won’t regret it! ITS SO WORTH IT!"

- Bre Gutierrez

"I started this program and had a lot going on in life. Jared and Erica stayed so positive and encouraging through the whole process for me and I loved it so much. I lost inches and pounds with their eating plan, even with a healing broken foot that restricted my exercise. Thank you both so much for being amazing life coaches and great friends."

- Laura Colmenero


Austin, Texas

Gym Force was founded by Austin, Texas Firefighter - Jared Johnson, and Fitness Expert - Erica Johnson. Combined, Jared and Erica have over 35 years of Health and Fitness Experience. Gym Force offers the most comprehensive fitness transformation program world-wide. Whether you are looking for a complete body transformation, to take back control of your health and fitness, reduce weight and overall body fat quickly, or increase strength and performance, Gym Force will help you achieve any and every goal to help become your best. Together with our highly targeted and strategic Personal Results Coaching System, we have changed the lives of thousands (and counting) world-wide. Our programming is designed for success and leaves nothing to chance. We are experts in total body transformations.


Multi-Accredited Coaches

Jared is a gym owner and Firefighter In Austin, Texas. You may have seen him on ESPN3 or from his Ultimate Transformation System sponsored ads on social media. He has over 15 years’ experience in the Fitness Industry, with over 10 certifications, and is one of the best Weight Loss Specialists in the nation. Jared is an INBA Pro Bodybuilder, Firefighter Olympics Powerlifting Gold Medalist, 6X Firefighter Combat Challenge World Champion, World Record Holder, and the Texas State Record Holder. He has transformed 1000s of lives with his Ultimate Transformation System, and there is no one in the Fitness Industry better than him at Total Body Transformations.
Erica is a seasoned fitness professional with over 20 years of hands on experience in personal training, lifestyle coaching, and fitness team management. She holds a degree in Kinesiology and certifications in Weight Loss, Nutrition, Corrective Exercise, Special Populations, Sport Performance, and Supplementation. Her passion is for helping people and seeing them not only attain their goals, but break their limiting beliefs and exceed their expectations. Outside of the fitness world she is a devoted wife and dog mom, awesome auntie, avid reader/audiobook listener and loves star gazing, traveling, old buildings, nerdy podcasts, and pretty much anything science or history related. 
Ian has been in the fitness industry for 4 years and absolutely loves it. He was a 3 sport high school athlete and 4 year NCAA collegiate basketball player with certifications in NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, 
NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, and NASM Mental Toughness Specialist. Ian loves to be outside either out on the water, the golf course ,or taking a nice walk around town lake. He specializes in muscle gain, weight loss, and former athletes who are struggling with their health and fitness and looking to get back to their former glory! 
Official Gym Force Mascot! Winston is an 9 year old Golden Retriever, who lives every day to bring happiness to the world. Winston enjoys constant “pets” on the head, encouraging those working out at the gym, long walks around the neighborhood (securing the perimeter), daily naps, and feeding time! Winston is known to bring a smile to your face when you're having a bad day, and he can’t wait to meet you!


Anytime, Anywhere

The foundation of our program is the personalized nutrition plan. The plans are easy to follow, specific to your needs, and adapt as you progress through the program. No more guess work with our 100+ recipe virtual cookbook, personal grocery list, meal prep and eating out guides. Learn Advanced Nutrition to have ultimate flexibility and crush your goals! 
Being regularly active during the program will ensure a greater experience physically and mentally. We will provide exercise programming and structure for the duration of the program. Pick between premium 1-on-1 private training or our Hybrid Remote Training. All workouts can be completed at any fitness level and at your pace. We will find what you enjoy and can sustain longterm. This is key! No more dreaded exercise that you hate! 
To keep you fully committed and engaged, you'll be assigned your own Personal Results Coach. Your mentor will be with you throughout the process to make sure you stick with the program. There will be weekly progress tracking and plan updates to assist in achieving your health and fitness goals. No more doing this alone!
No time to make it to the gym? No problem. Experience our highly customized Hybrid Program that can be done at home or anywhere you choose. Weekly coaching with an all inclusive fitness and nutrition plan catered to your schedule, preferences, fitness level, and goals.


Ultimate Transformation System

Personalized Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset, and Accountability System developed to transform your body, increase your health and fitness, strengthen your mindset, break through barriers, and be the last program you will ever have to do! This is an all-inclusive system to give you the tools, skills, and habits you need to create your very own personal breakthrough.


1-on-1 Private Training

Every 1-on-1 session with our multi-certified Expert Fitness Coach is by appointment and scheduled on a recurring basis with your schedule in mind. They create the foundation for your success from day one. Every visit includes a full-body workout, emotional support, education, accountability, awareness and expert individualized fitness instruction, nutrition consulting, and motivation.


Fire Elite VIP

Created specifically for Firefighters to level up their health and fitness to perform the job at their absolute best. Custom fitness, advanced nutrition, and results driven accountability designed to shred fat, build muscle, and increase overall fitness performance. Work 1-on-1 with the top Firefighters in the Nation. (This is a Hybrid Remote Online Program)

Become A Champion

We'll show you how to 10X your results by incorporating a supplement strategy to maximize recovery and ignite your body's ability to burn fat. 

- Increase Performance
- Recover Faster
- Sleep Better
- Burn Stubborn Fat
- Regulate Hormones
- Fill Nutritional Gaps
- Block Cravings
- Never Plateau

Want to never meal prep again? Take back the US average 6hrs PER WEEK a person spends cooking & cleaning after meals…

- Convenient 
- 13+ Protein Options
- Meal Plan Friendly
- Balanced with Macronutrient breakdown
- Delicious food so you never fall off plan
- Made fresh, shipped next day to your door
- Just Heat, Peel, and Eat

We'll show you how to 10X your results by incorporating a supplement strategy to maximize recovery and ignite your body's ability to burn fat. 

- Increase Performance
- Recover Faster
- Sleep Better
- Burn Stubborn Fat
- Regulate Hormones
- Fill Nutritional Gaps
- Block Cravings
- Never Plateau
Want to never meal prep again? Take back the US average 6hrs PER WEEK a person spends cooking & cleaning after meals…

- 13+ Protein Options
- Meal Plan Friendly
- Balanced with Macronutrient breakdown
- Delicious food so you never fall off plan
- Made fresh
- Shipped next day to your door
- Just Heat, Peel, and Eat

Your Burning Questions Answered

Does the program include personalized workouts and meal plans?
Yes! You will immediately schedule a Launch Conference with your Coach where they will help you create your very own Fitness & Nutrition Gameplan by teaching you how to fit the Gym Force Ultimate Transformation System Lifestyle into your lifestyle. You will be following our curriculum to help you stack up wins right from the start while getting the individual attention to your specific challenges and needs. Your honest feedback and tracking is imperative to your success. As you are open with your coach about your strengths and struggles, we can help you customize your Gameplan to help get the results you want.
Do I have to give up the foods I love to lose weight with Gym Force?
One of the biggest misconceptions you hear when you start a new weight loss diet is that you can’t eat the food you LOVE anymore or that you must limit your calories per day. That makes an already difficult journey sound impossible. The best part of the Gym Force Ultimate Transformation System is that not ONLY are you getting delicious and healthy meals planned out for you every day, you also get weight loss tips about how to keep eating those foods you already LOVE! Your Coach will help you find healthier ways to enjoy the foods you love and helps you plan out your week to see optimal results.
Will the Ultimate Transformation System work for me?
Yes of course! If you are a human then it will work for you! No matter what your goal is or where you are at, Gym Force Ultimate Transformation System is scientifically PROVEN to transform your life and you lose weight faster and keep it off forever. The only way it won’t work is if you don’t do it!
Do I need a gym or any equipment for my Remote/Online training?
No, you do not need any special equipment or a gym membership to complete you personalized workouts or Virtual Training Sessions. Everything can be done at home no matter your fitness level or training experience is. (All plans are customized to what you have access to, what you prefer to do, your current fitness level, and allotted time available. Rest assured we will provide you the best game plan for success).
My situation is different from others, will my coach be able to help?
Absolutely! The fact that your situation is different is WHY you need your own Personal Results Coach! Your coach will be able to provide specific insight, direction, and action steps for the challenges you face. They will provide you with thought-provoking education and tools, ask questions, and give you feedback on your actions. This accountability is how they can help you tap into your own strength. Even though they have not walked specifically in your shoes, they have walked in similar shoes and have helped others who might feel the same way as you do.
How accessible is my coach?
Daily access to your coach is what sets the Gym Force Ultimate Transformation System apart from other coaching programs. Whenever you need help, all you have to do is send a quick message through our customized fitness app, and your coach will respond to you immediately or within a couple of hours. On top of that, your coach sends check-ins, words of encouragement, motivation, and more every single day. Each week you will get a personalized video from your coach providing you feedback and plan updates. Bi-weekly you will schedule a 1-on-1 Virtual goal setting meeting to discuss wins, progress tracking, ask burning questions, learn tips and tricks to be successful, and be given updates to your plan! Your coach is here to help you, all you have to do is reach out!
What are the coaches like?
Our Gym Force Coaches are true EXPERTS in every way. The coaches are handpicked by the Founder of Gym Force who has 15+ years experience in Fitness as well as 10+ years in the Fire Service. Leadership, knowledge, passion, positivity, and care are just a few characteristics you will experience from our Coaches. Each coach is multi-level Certified in Exercise and Nutrition averaging over 10+ Certifications to help provide you everything you need. All coaches have over 10 years experience coaching and have helped over 500 people lose weight and improve their health and fitness. Most importantly, they have been in the same shoes as you. They know what it is like to struggle and to overcome!
Do I need to take Supplements to see results?
While we would LOVE to tell you to go and buy everything right now, you do not need to follow our Supplement Protocol in order to see results with our Ultimate Transformation System. Our system is full of everything: fitness, nutrition, mindset, and accountability (from workouts, meal plans, out to eat solutions, and so much more). Health Supplements are a great addition to your journey if you are looking to go ALL IN, as there our very important nutrition deficits we are lacking, and amazing ingredients we can add to help speed and aid faster results!
Belonging to a community that shares in your journey will ensure your ability to look beyond the personal struggles and obstacles that come with making big changes. With our "never alone" coaching & community you'll see greater progress in both the short and long term. 
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